Group discussion is a group activity carried by 8 to 10 members group for 15-20 minutes. GD is designed to exchange the thoughts and ideas among the members of the group on a particular subject. It is the best tool to select the prospective candidates in a comparative perspective. It is a useful tool to screen the candidateís potential as well as their skills. A selected topic will be given the group members and 2-3 minutes time will be given for thinking. Group discussion takes 10-15 minutes time based on the given topic. GD evaluation is done by the subject experts based on the discussions. A report will be prepared on analyzing the facts at the end of the discussion.

Group Discussion Tips

1.Dont Bluff

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by majority of students during group discussion. They feel like they should counter every single comment made by other members of GD. Following which, the group discussion converts into fish market.

Everyone should keep in mind that the panel monitoring the GD has vast experience and they understand which comments are worthy enough to hold value and which are not.

Therefore, it is advised to not necessarily argue on every comment senselessly rather to counter only those which make some sense and hold value.

2. Stop being Lazy

Once written exams get over, students wait for the results to prepare for group discussion. And this is again one of the common problems with majority of students. They think that if I get selected then I will prepare for GD and if not then it will be a waste of time.

Every student must come out of such procrastination mentality and start preparing for the group discussion early. Read newspapers like ET, mint etc., watch news channels, read magazines and novels.

Doing this will help you to easily crack the GD topics and you will have a number of points to put forward. This will build confidence and you will leave a good impression on the monitoring panel too.

3.Dressing Sense

Yes, itís true that your dressing gives a sense of your attitude to the interviewer. Be it a GD or a PI, your dressing style could make a difference to your selection.

Too much makeup, un-ironed shirts, unkempt hair, boys wearing ear-rings, crinkled trousers or any such shabby dressing should be avoided during GD.

Advice for boys: Wear collared suit.

Advice for girls: Wear either western or Indian formals.

Note: Keep make-up as minimum as possible.

4.Behave Well

Shout during group discussion, moving hands the harsh way, putting unscientific and illogical points, not giving any space to other members to put their points, continuously speaking etc. are some of the behavioral issues noticed during GD.

Please donít forget that such behavior could go against you!

It should be noted that the monitoring panel also judge the behaviour of each individual during GD. So, it is advised that once you have put your point, allow others to speak as well.

5.Too Shy To Speak

Some people are shy or scared to speak in groups.

For such people it is advised to form small groups and discuss some current topics, every few days, before the final GD. This will kill fear & shyness and build confidence for the D-day.

6.Language Problem

Generally all the GDs are held in English language. But many students who speak local language in their day-to-day communication find it difficult to speak during GD. Though they may have an excellent point to make but because of lack fluency in English language they fail to express their views.

Therefore, it is recommended for such students to work on their grammar, accent and communication skills if they donít want to feel and look stupid during GD.

7.Feeling Insecure

Some students do not focus on their own strengths and weaknesses and start judging other members of the group. They feel like others are much more superior to him/her in knowledge and communication skills.

This insecurity problem leads to low confidence and hence bad performance during group discussion. And this is easily seen by the interviewing panel.

Such students are advised not to think about what others know rather they should focus more on their strengths and give their best!

8.Quality Matters More Than Quantity

Donít speak endlessly if you donít have a relevant point to make. Many students just keep on speaking whenever they get an opportunity. It is not like that if you got some silence space during GD than you have to speak.

Let others contribute their point and listen to them attentively. Then form an opinion and try to be a team player than an individual focused.

This could work in favor of you and leave a positive impression on judges.

9. Show offs

Sometimes it is possible that you get a topic for discussion which you are well versed with. It is often seen that in such situations students get overexcited and perform bad out of overconfidence.

When you get such topic then first of all donít get excited rather be focused and calm.

The second point which has been noticed is that such students, having deep knowledge of the subject, show off more facts and figures like 25%Ö.7500Ö.etc rather than its analytical part.

The GD panel is more interested in how you analyze those facts and figures rather than just pitch them.

10.Dont Get Emotional

And it is very important. It is often observed that when member ĎAí (male) of a group discussion speaks some biased points like males are superior than females then member ĎBí (female) starts attacking member ĎBí out emotional outburst.

Such emotions fights could divert your attention and you may be completely out of the topic. Therefore it is advised not to get emotional during such situations which could lead to blunders!

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