IPA Just a Minute.

Just-A-Minute invites the student speaker to talk on a given topic for sixty seconds without hesitation, repetition, or deviation. This is a very important communication round conducted in most of the companies now-a-days to test the communication of the student. This is one of the elimination round conducted by HR in any company.

Just a Minute creates terror in minds of many job seekers who aspire to create bright career in corporate companies these days. This is the only word which troubles many Job seekers these days. JAM session is just a minute session where the interviewer will ask us to speak on a topic for a minute. Most of the times, interviewer will give us the topic otherwise we can choose our own topic. While you speak on the topic, the interviewer will observe your accent, your grammar, pronunciation and formation of sentences.

Here are some tips to crack JAM Round in the interview.

1.When a topic is given think about that topic for 5-10 seconds, keep in mind 2-4 important words about that topic and start explaining about that topic by explaining the words about that topic or by using them.

2.Donít use long sentences and complex language. They generally look for simple English. Be prepared on few topics before going to the interview.
3.If they ask to select your own topic, then you have to identify first your audience for the jam session in order to identify the best topic. As soon as you've identified that, it is best to understand what they may be interested in.

For example, if you are dealing with teenage girls who are living in an Asian community in your area, you may want to make sure that you cover topics that are hit in Asia.

4. If the interviewer ask you just answer it base on what he/she ask. Donít be nervous just be it in yourself, so you can answer the questions easily.

5. Be short and concise. Make sure there is no waffle, and make sure your presentation is remembered. Whatever the topic you may select, there is no need for you to be aware of complete details about the selected topic. Collect 4-5 basic points (Points can be of single line or less than that since JAM is only for a minute which is just fraction of seconds) about topic, frame those points into a complete sentence, join the points and present the framed points with confidence.

No need to worry about JAM, IPA helps you to clear this round very easily.

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