IPA Mock interview.

What Is a Mock Interview?

The Mock Interview provides a professional one-on-one opportunity for all the candidates to practice their interview and resume writing skills with HR professionals. This session consists of:

A 30-minute videotaped session of you in an interview with a professional.

A review of the tape with constructive feedback on your performance.

This tries to resemble a real interview as closely as possible, and provides experience for the candidate before attending an interview in a company. This will help the candidate to perform much better in an interview and boosts confidence in the candidate which helps him to excel in the test.


Prepare for the session by researching your company/industry of interest.

Investigate and identify the most common industry traits sought (analytical skills, communication skills, business knowledge and problem solving).

Script answers to demonstrate your experience with these factors as well as answers to behavioral interview questions, such as "Tell me about a time when..." and "Can you give me an example of a time..."

The Session

Dress in appropriate attire -- as though this is an actual company interview.

Greet the interviewer with an enthusiastic handshake and smile.

Listen to the question asked. Make sure you know what the interviewer wants to know. Ask for clarification if the question is not clear.

Keep your answers concise and to the point -- two to three minutes long.

Make sure you are selling the product: You.

Have questions prepared to ask the interviewer.

The Feedback

Observe your feelings while viewing the tape and listening to your answers. Are you coming across the way you intended?

Listen to feedback with an open mind, not defensively.

Learn from your performance. How are you being perceived through the eyes of someone who does not know you?

Sample Questions.

1.What are your strengths?
2.What are your weaknesses?
3.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
4.What type of skills can you offer an employer?
5.What are some key points on your resume you’d like to share?
6.What type of classes have you taken that will help you in a career?
7.List 5 traits you believe a successful employee should have.
8.Describe how you handle conflict in a work environment?
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